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I wear glasses to see anything, without them, the world is not rosey but blurry.  Tuesday night I fell asleep in my lounge chair eating popcorn and listening to a book.  I always listen to books from the library when I’m quilting because, besides my kids, they are my loves.

Wednesday morning I got up and couldn’t find my glasses anywhere.   I even called my husband to come home because he could see while I could only feel.  No luck.  I went to work with a very old pair with a very old prescription which made it very hard to read.

I was going to make an appointment to the eye doctor for a new prescription and then new glasses when my husband called me up that he opened a bag of popcorn I had put away in the morning and my glasses were in the bag.  I must have fallen asleep and threw off my glasses that landed in the popcorn bag that I sealed in the morning because I didn’t see my glasses.  They smelled good-popcorny.


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