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Original Quilt Postcard post.

Here’s more:

Postcard Quilt 3

Postcard Quilt 4

Postcard Quilt 5


I was awed and inspired by an exhibit I went to in Morristown NJ.  I went with a group of ladies and we were treated to a private showing by Jack Walsh, the proud owner of all the quilts.  He is a collector of contemporary quilts and it was an eye opener.  The exhibit made me want to dabble more in contemporary quilting.  I think I’m off to a good start with the post cards I started making and sending out.  I’m having so much fun!  Check them out!

Quilt Postcard 1

Quilt Postcard 2More to come!

Good and not so good news.  If you’ve been keeping up with this blog than you know that Blima got engaged and I was busy with her dress and chupa[wedding canopy].  Blima has since broken off her engagement so now I have so much more time on my hands to reorganize my long suffering sewing room.  I finally got all the shelves up and it is really starting to look good.  I’ll take a picture when it’s finished.  I’m soo proud.

I took a group of ladies; Cecelia, Alzaida, Claudia, and Chava to the Somerset Quilt Show on Friday.  We were all tired out after the long day and I think everyone had a good time.  For some of the ladies, this was there first show!  I’m hoping to schedule another trip for May.  If anyone is interested in joining us, please email the store.

I have become intrigued with journal quilting.  I’ve done it before and found comfort in putting down my story in quilts.  I’ve decided to try my hand at it again and am starting a journal quilt that I hope to add to every week.  I’m keeping the blocks down to a 6″ size and making one a week.

When 4 are completed I will put them together as a monthly story, then as a story for the year.  Since I sarted my chemo this week, my first block is of course a chemo cocktail.  I dont know if I will be able to post weekly, this week has not been a good one for me, but whenever I can, I will try to show the blocks.
A happy holiday to one and all.

Sorry for not posting in so long.  Life has intruded.  My grandson and great nephew both had bar mitzvahs and a grand-daughter became engaged.  I get to get busy and make another chupa quilt.  This one I’ve been working on for 5 years thinking I had plenty of time.  Not any more!  I will also be starting another round of chemo and would appreciate it if you all keep me in mind in your prayers.

Sorry for the delay, and it’s been a while, but here are more stuff from our Vermont Quilting Trip!

Our group in Woodstock where we all picked up some very cool fabric.

The Quilting Gang

The Quilting Gang

One of the many covered bridges in Vermont.

Covered Bridge on our Quilting Trip to Vermont

Covered Bridge on our Quilting Trip to Vermont

A quilt show in a trunk.  This is the background story:  while at the Shelburne, Madi became friendly with a perfect stranger who also happened to be a quilter!   She took us to see the covered bridge and than showed us the quilts she had in her trunk because she was having a one woman show!

One Woman Quilti Show in Vermont

One Woman Quilti Show in Vermont

One of the beautiful quilts at the “Covered Bridge Show”

Covered Bridge Show in Vermont

Covered Bridge Show in Vermont

(I wrote this last week, but I didn’t post it)

I just came back from a great two day trip to the Shelbourne Museum in Vermont.  We went for and saw the famous Dear Jane quilt and were suitably impressed with it in person.
Dear Jane Quilt

Dear Jane Quilt

Of course, what is a quilt trip without going to quilt shops. We went to Woodstock Quilt Supply and had Bob all to ourselves. It’s a very modern quilt shop with many Kaffe Fasset and Kona Bay fabrics. Tala Quilt Shop in Vermont was another stop and how different this was! Very quaint with overflowing shelves of Reproduction fabrics, Moda and Batiks.

Vermont has a thing about Mooses and they were everywhere. Unfortunately  we couldn’t stop to take pictures of all of them, but this is me with the “Covered Bridge Moose”.

Vermont Moose on Quilting Trip

Vermont Moose on Quilting Trip

I absolutely love Laura Wasilowski’s song about the tomb of the unkown sewer, so I took a picture of one in front of the Shelbourne museum.

Vermont Sewer (Laura Wasilowski) on Quilting Trip

Vermont Sewer (Laura Wasilowski) on Quilting Trip

The group photo is of Claudia, Joyce and Madi in the Tala Quilt Shop. You can see how crowded the shelves are. Glad to be home but already planning our next trip.

Quilting Trip Group Photo

Quilting Trip Group Photo

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