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Sorry for not posting in so long.  Life has intruded.  My grandson and great nephew both had bar mitzvahs and a grand-daughter became engaged.  I get to get busy and make another chupa quilt.  This one I’ve been working on for 5 years thinking I had plenty of time.  Not any more!  I will also be starting another round of chemo and would appreciate it if you all keep me in mind in your prayers.

Here is a better picture of my daughter’s chupa that I made.



Hi.  I haven’t written much in too long, sorry.

I have been busy trying to work on a lap quilt for my daughter.  She said that her house feels too dark and depressing (this after a trip to sunny Florida) because she has decorated in dark colors.  I used the ricky tims kaleidescope method and made her the begining of the quilt.  I really enjoy this pattern and have used it for my newly married daughter’s chupa [wedding canopy].  I got stuck when I had to do the borders, but I’ve solved this lingering problem and hope to work on it this week.  Going to post a picture when im finished, but here is the center:

Ricky Trim Kaleidoscope Quilt

Ricky Tims Kaleidoscope Quilt

Here is the picture of the quilt I created for my daughter’s Chupa.  It was part of the “ceiling” of the Chupa.

Quilt for Chupa

Quilt for Chupa


Posted on: February 9, 2009

A relative asked me to make a banner to hang in the front of her chupah (by the wedding ceremony). the hebrew words mean:

“Praise G-d because He is good, because His Kindness is forever.”

Chupa - Hupa

Chupa - Hupa

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