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I’m on a short vacation of sorts because I’m in L.A. enjoying the sun, in between the rain, and the Road To California quilt show that I try to go to every January.  It was great as usual and I was visually overwhelmed by all the colors and quilts.   Spent too much money of course but that’s not new.

I spent another great day in downtown at Michael Levine, a not to be missed fabric shop, with a great selection of cottons.  I’m going to have to go home and sew fast and furious to use up some of the fabrics I bought.

I went to California for a wedding.  It was beautiful and I have started making a quilt with the monogram of the invitation in the center.  I’ll start posting pictures as I work.  I haven’t decided how big it will be but I’m sure it will let me know.

These titles are my own inventions.  I guess it’s like art, you see what you see.

Road to Califronia Melting Pot Quilt

Road to Califronia Melting Pot Quilt

Another quilt from the show.  Every kids dream.

Road to California Treehouse Quilt

Road to California Treehouse Quilt

I went to a quilt show in Ontario California called “The Road to California.”  It is always held in January, which works out good for me because it’s my mother’s birthday, and she lived in LA.  This year I took a few pictures of some quilts that, I felt, stood out.  Here is the first oneThe Road to California Button Quilt

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