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Holocaust Quilt/ RAFFLE

Posted on: September 3, 2010

I’ve posted pictures of my Holocaust Quilt before (original holocaust quilt post), but it means so much to me that I want all the new readers to have a look at it too. This special quilt will be the kick-off of my monthly raffle- this month the prize is a $5 gift card to my store, Sew Materialistic or a $5 coupon off your next purchase online @ In order to enter please post a comment, “like” the page, and suggest our Facebook page to a friend.
Thank you for looking and Good Luck!

The front of my Holocaust Quilt

Back of my Holocaust Quilt

When I finished the holocaust quilt, and put in the last stitch, I sat back and announced that I finally finished my life’s work. my youngest daughter was sitting there and said quite innocently, “I thought we were your life’s work!”

How true, they all are, and I thank G-d for them everyday. But this quilt is important to me, too, because it tells the story of my mother’s family during the Holocaust. As a religious Jew, who lost most of my family during that time, the naysayers (deniers, revisionists etc) hit a very sensitive cord in me.

How could someone say it all never happened when just from one family so many perished? But the point of the quilt is not about the loss but, rather, how many of us survive today to prove that we are still here and the master race is no longer. (read more about the Holocaust quilt).

10 Responses to "Holocaust Quilt/ RAFFLE"

I was very moved by your quilt. I can’t imagine the depth of emotions you must have tapped when you were designing and working on it. It is a wonderful tribute to those whose light was lost to the world and to those who survived the senseless hell waiting for the world to help them. Blessings to you and the memories of your loved ones.

Thank you for your comment on my quilt. It was a very hard quilt to work on emotionally. My point in making it was to be an answer to the nay-sayers who claim that there never was a holocaust. I hope I got my point across. Thank you again.

I followed the link from your daughters post in the sewingmamas forum. I also showed it to my husband. I can’t express how moved we were to view it. I am upset to hear that there are people that believe that the Holocaust never happened. It seems incomprehensible that people could ignore such overwhelming documentation. But it is also is incomprehensible that so many people could follow and believe in the rantings of a madman. Education is the best defense against ignorance and you earn top marks!

I agree with you and thats why I felt I had to tell my family story, thank you.

Hello, I have just seen your holocaust quilt and I am absolutley amazed. It is such apiece of art, so deep, so moving, so utterly perfect I really think this should be in the holocaust museum or something. The choice of shades, the railway lines, the photos, it all just fits together. You must feel so proud of this tribute. I am truly humbled and I must congratulate you on this fine piece of work.
My very best regards to you and your family.

Absolutely breathtaking! I love seeing quilts that contain so much love and emotion! Great work!

I too followed the link here from sewing mama’s.
What a beautiful and powerful piece of art and family history.
You have made a strong point and made it beautifully.
Thank you for stitching your story and for putting it here for us to have the privilege of viewing it.
-Helenanne Judisch

Thank you for your response, it validates the message im triyng to get across.

Thank you so much! {{hugs}}

Beautiful quilt, as is your Mendel and Zelda quilt. I love seeing such beautiful and meaningful Jewish quilts.

I think you have tagged your quilt backwards on this site. On site that you link to, you have tagged the back and front the opposite way – I think.

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