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My (CENSORED) Burn-Out Entry

Posted on: February 2, 2010

I’m having <CENSORED> [complaining] burn-out.  It’s again the time of year for me to start thinking about another newsletter.  I came up with the great idea of not sending out a whole newsletter but instead only a postcard with a burning match on it.  The idea was nixed by one and all, too bad.

I love my quilting store and I love most of my customers, (I’m sure you are one of them), and thank G-d we are doing pretty good in this economy but I still feel burned-out.  In particular, registration for sewing and quilting classes was way down this quarter.  Now I’m cheap and don’t go in for spending my hard earned dollars on anything but quilting fabrics for my stash but I’m always curious about new techniques and patterns and therefore try to take classes that interest me and allow me to grow as a quilter.

There are a few diehards that do take all the classes that we offer and it gives me great pleasure to see them growing and enjoying the sheer joy in learning something new.  Are we not offering enough new and innovative classes?  Should we be offering more detailed work?  More fast and easy?  I dont know where to go so I dont feel like going anywhere.   So there, I’ve said my piece and I feel better [now i have to see if this goes thru my censors](One Word Censored).

3 Responses to "My (CENSORED) Burn-Out Entry"

I get it! I SO get it! This short time between Christmas and SPRING….make me very very ansie…and unproductive…unimaginative and tired…
But Wait! The sun will be out in a month or two for good and warmth…and it will all be a new day!
Hang in there!!!

Is it workable to ask your customers what they think? What kind of classes THEY would be interested in? It is always good to get feedback…
But, I do hope you feel better soon and don’t forget to smile 🙂

I know this is from a few months ago, but we just want to encourage you to keep hanging in there, we all get burned out from time to time, it’ll pass and you’ll be stronger because of it. Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog and your honesty and enthusiasm for the art of quilting. Check out our blog at:

Keep up the beautiful quilting!

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