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Me, My Family and The Rain: A Story of Triumph (not really)

Posted on: July 30, 2009

Another not my week story. We went out to eat yesterday and although it looked like rain, my husband said we should walk and we would make it back before the “2 minute” rain. Needless to say, the sky opened up just as we left and G-d left the hose on. We were soaked thru and thru.

I ran home with my daughter and her new husband, my husband went to temple. after i drove my daughter and hubby home, I was so glad to get back home just to be able to change into dry clothes but lo and behold, I didnt have the house keys. I quickly ran back into the car, drove to the temple, waited, soaking wet for half an hour for my husband and finally made it home.

The first thing I did wasn’t change my clothes but look frantically for my keys, which I couldnt find and I thought I lost them [not for the third time] but when I finally went to change there was a jangling in my pocket that turned out to be my KEYS. I’m either getting old [a distinct and not too bad a prospect, considering the alternative] or someone is out to get me. there always is next week.


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Dear Malkey,

You are not alone. I was shopping on Avenue M one day, had my hands full of multiple shopping bags (heavy), got back to my car, and couldn’t find my keys. I went back to every store (from coney to ocean) and still couldn’t find them. Looked under the car, checked the sidewalks, etc. Was ready to walk home and get my other set, when I heard a jangling. Not in my pocket, ON MY WRIST! was my handy dandy bracelet key chain, which of course I didn’t see before because I was carrying so many shopping bags that it got stuck between the handles and was INVISIBLE. It only materialized (no pun intended) after I walked 80 miles, dislocated both shoulders and used up a roll of quarters in the meter so I wouldn’t get a ticket (slight exaggeration allowed by poetic license). Remind me to tell you about the time (erev Shabbos of course) that I dropped my keys as I got out of the car, into a puddle of course, so that the clicker wouldn’t work to deactivate the alarm, so of course I couldn’t start the car . . . had to buy new batteries and blow into the mechanism until it dried . . . .

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