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Air Conditioner Filters Can be DANGEROUS (Specifically, if you’re me)

Posted on: July 29, 2009

This has not been my week.  Another story about real life, or maybe only mine!   I wanted to clean the filter from my air conditioner and I took it out and dropped it into the sink.   I thought it was a little ratty looking but what do I know?  I ran cold water over it and started ringing it out by hand.
All of a sudden, my hands started hurting me like crazy and I took a good look at the “filter”  it was just a sheet of fiberglass!  Now both my hands were full of tiny shards of glass!  I couldn’t touch anything for two days and I kept on soaking my hands and now I think most of them came out.  I used my clip on glasses to find and pull out as many as I could.

1 Response to "Air Conditioner Filters Can be DANGEROUS (Specifically, if you’re me)"

I’m sooo sorry to hear that! Hope you’re feeling better!

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