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Another not my week story. We went out to eat yesterday and although it looked like rain, my husband said we should walk and we would make it back before the “2 minute” rain. Needless to say, the sky opened up just as we left and G-d left the hose on. We were soaked thru and thru.

I ran home with my daughter and her new husband, my husband went to temple. after i drove my daughter and hubby home, I was so glad to get back home just to be able to change into dry clothes but lo and behold, I didnt have the house keys. I quickly ran back into the car, drove to the temple, waited, soaking wet for half an hour for my husband and finally made it home.

The first thing I did wasn’t change my clothes but look frantically for my keys, which I couldnt find and I thought I lost them [not for the third time] but when I finally went to change there was a jangling in my pocket that turned out to be my KEYS. I’m either getting old [a distinct and not too bad a prospect, considering the alternative] or someone is out to get me. there always is next week.

This has not been my week.  Another story about real life, or maybe only mine!   I wanted to clean the filter from my air conditioner and I took it out and dropped it into the sink.   I thought it was a little ratty looking but what do I know?  I ran cold water over it and started ringing it out by hand.
All of a sudden, my hands started hurting me like crazy and I took a good look at the “filter”  it was just a sheet of fiberglass!  Now both my hands were full of tiny shards of glass!  I couldn’t touch anything for two days and I kept on soaking my hands and now I think most of them came out.  I used my clip on glasses to find and pull out as many as I could.

I wear glasses to see anything, without them, the world is not rosey but blurry.  Tuesday night I fell asleep in my lounge chair eating popcorn and listening to a book.  I always listen to books from the library when I’m quilting because, besides my kids, they are my loves.

Wednesday morning I got up and couldn’t find my glasses anywhere.   I even called my husband to come home because he could see while I could only feel.  No luck.  I went to work with a very old pair with a very old prescription which made it very hard to read.

I was going to make an appointment to the eye doctor for a new prescription and then new glasses when my husband called me up that he opened a bag of popcorn I had put away in the morning and my glasses were in the bag.  I must have fallen asleep and threw off my glasses that landed in the popcorn bag that I sealed in the morning because I didn’t see my glasses.  They smelled good-popcorny.

My favorite new product is “Quilter’s Home” which is a really fun magazine geared for quilters but not, necessarily, only patterns.  I read it from cover to cover. try it and get addicted just like me!

Here is a better picture of my daughter’s chupa that I made.



Hi.  I haven’t written much in too long, sorry.

I have been busy trying to work on a lap quilt for my daughter.  She said that her house feels too dark and depressing (this after a trip to sunny Florida) because she has decorated in dark colors.  I used the ricky tims kaleidescope method and made her the begining of the quilt.  I really enjoy this pattern and have used it for my newly married daughter’s chupa [wedding canopy].  I got stuck when I had to do the borders, but I’ve solved this lingering problem and hope to work on it this week.  Going to post a picture when im finished, but here is the center:

Ricky Trim Kaleidoscope Quilt

Ricky Tims Kaleidoscope Quilt

My daughter sent me a picture of her husband using the “Moby Wrap” with her son.  I guess it’s a unisex wrap with that neutral black color.  No excuses dads!

Unisex Moby Wrap

Unisex Moby Wrap

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