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My Holocaust Quilt

Posted on: April 24, 2009

When I finished the holocaust quilt, and put in the last stitch, I sat back and announced that I finally finished my life’s work. my youngest daughter was sitting there and said quite innocently, “I thought we were your life’s work!”

How true, they all are, and I thank G-d for them everyday. But this quilt is important to me, too, because it tells the story of my mother’s family during the Holocaust. As a religious Jew, who lost most of my family during that time, the naysayers (deniers, revisionists etc) hit a very sensitive cord in me.

How could someone say it all never happened when just from one family so many perished? But the point of the quilt is not about the loss but, rather, how many of us survive today to prove that we are still here and the master race is no longer.

Front of my Holocaust Quilt

Front of my Holocaust Quilt

The back of my Holocaust Quilt

The back of my Holocaust Quilt

The quilt represents my family’s struggle and triumph. The back of the quilt shows the darkness, on the bottom, with the names of those who were killed and then it blends to the light, on top, with the names who survived, and their children, grand-children and great grand-children.

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What a wonderful testament to your family’s will to survive, carry on and grow. I hope you put this in some shows so the world can take notice of your talent and your message.


This is so beautiful. I am so touched, I have tears in my eyes. You should enter this in shows and lend it to museums for exhibits. Just my opinion, but I think the whole world should see your masterpiece. Kindest regards from Rose in England. x

I am grateful to Mrs. Yablonsky for allowing her quilt to be displayed in my school. All that looked at it were amazed at the detail as well as the story behind it. Last year Mrs. Yablonsky came to my school and presented it herself!

Since seeing your quilt two weeks ago, I have spoken of it to many friends. It is an eloquent testimony to your loss and story of survival against the odds. It is a stunning example of your remarkable textile skills and artistry.

[…] Lately I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback on my Holocaust Quilt.   Thank you.  It’s a very precious project to me. Tags: crafts, history, quilting, […]

My daughter & I were in your shop Monday and we cried as we looked at your quilt. It is heartbreakingly painful and heartbreakingly beautiful. I am sharing this web site with all the quilters in my life, plus my Jewish friend in Williamsville, NY whom I told about it today.

Thank you for sharing your pain and joy with us.

A quilter from Wagoner, Oklahoma.

I AGREE!!! This quilt needs to be known among the masses.

This quilt speaks volumes about the Holocaust. Thank you for sharing your personal story in this way. It is so moving.

[…] mother (ME!) has a quilt shop in Brooklyn, a website, etc., and he told me about the Holocaust Quilt!! Before I hung up the phone I found the website, the blogs, etc. and I was […]

[…] I feel I could pat myself on the back.  A customer just came in to my store and asked where the Holocaust Quilt was.  She came in especially to take a picture of it because she said it so much touched a cord in […]

[…] I’ve posted pictures of my Holocaust Quilt before (original holocaust quilt post), but it means so much to me that I want all the new readers to have a look at it too. This […]

Absolutely stunning! If/When it is shared at the National Holocaust Museum in DC I will make a trip to see it up close. It truly is a work of art. Blessings to you and your family. May the white stars continue to multiply as they flow off your quilt.

I was just directed to your quilt from a blog reader, who saw my post about a Holocaust quilt displayed at my college (if you want to see it, it’s here: I am completely in awe of your quilt – the detail is astounding. As a Holocaust scholar (and a quilter!) I can’t really describe to you how much I appreciate it.

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