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When I finished the holocaust quilt, and put in the last stitch, I sat back and announced that I finally finished my life’s work. my youngest daughter was sitting there and said quite innocently, “I thought we were your life’s work!”

How true, they all are, and I thank G-d for them everyday. But this quilt is important to me, too, because it tells the story of my mother’s family during the Holocaust. As a religious Jew, who lost most of my family during that time, the naysayers (deniers, revisionists etc) hit a very sensitive cord in me.

How could someone say it all never happened when just from one family so many perished? But the point of the quilt is not about the loss but, rather, how many of us survive today to prove that we are still here and the master race is no longer.

Front of my Holocaust Quilt

Front of my Holocaust Quilt

The back of my Holocaust Quilt

The back of my Holocaust Quilt

The quilt represents my family’s struggle and triumph. The back of the quilt shows the darkness, on the bottom, with the names of those who were killed and then it blends to the light, on top, with the names who survived, and their children, grand-children and great grand-children.


All the live ballots, absentee ballots, oversea ballots, hanging chad ballots and all other ballots have been counted and we have a winner to the 2009 Challenge Quilt Contest!

Madi #4 Sweet Dreams!

Runnerup is Susan #9 “New York Mosaic

Thank you to all of you who voted in my quilting store and online and thank you to ALL of the entries!  They were all fantastic!

Please reference this post about the Challenge Quilt Voting.

A number of people have contacted us regarding the poll not working.  I have put up a new poll so please vote again!   Although this is highly unusual we hope the Florida Supreme Court will uphold our decision.  Hanging chads will not be counted.

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This is a combination of online and offline voting.  The winner gets all the glory, fame and money!

Here are the links to each challenge quilt, or you can just browse them down the page!

2009 Challenge Quilt #10 (The Old Stomping Ground)

2009 Challenge Quilt #9 (New York Mosaic)

2009 Challenge Quilt #8 (Convergence)

2009 Challenge Quilt #7 (All On Time)

2009 Challenge Quilt #6 (The Maze)

2009 Challenge Quilt #5 (A Wild Ride on the Subway)

2009 Challenge Quilt #4 (Sweet Dreams)

2009 Challenge Quilt #3 (People on the Moon)

2009 Challenge Quilt #2 (Our Day in Central Park)

2009 Challenge Quilt #1 (NY State of Mind)

You can also view these quilts at my quilting shop at 1131 McDonald Ave Brooklyn New York.

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“The Old Stomping Ground” by Linda

“I lived in lower Manhattan when I first came to NY.  I quilted the most travelled route I took in those days between the Lower East Side, where I lived, and the World Trade Center where I worked.  (Ii never took the bus).”

2009 Challenge Quilt The Old Stomping Grounds (NYC)

2009 Challenge Quilt The Old Stomping Grounds (NYC)

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