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Breast Cancer Quilt: EXPOSED

Posted on: February 19, 2009

Exposed” came about when I was going through my gazzilionth procedure (when I had breast cancer), this one was an X-ray and I noticed 2 containers, one marked exposed and another marked  unexposed, for the films.  As I lay there, I was thinking that going through any kind of medical treatments makes you feel just that- exposed.  I asked the technician if I could have the film and thats what how i made the lettering.

This is the first in my “Breast Cancer Series”

Breast Cancer Quilt (EXPOSED)

Breast Cancer Quilt (EXPOSED)

3 Responses to "Breast Cancer Quilt: EXPOSED"

[…] Look closely! I love what the x-rays reveal! Brilliant! See more on Malke’s blog. […]

What process did you use to get the photos on fabric?

[…] A few people contacted me and asked how I got the photo on the fabric for the Exposed Breast Cancer Quilt.  Since I do a lot of photo transfers, I use special fabric bubble jet ink and treat the fabric […]

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