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My Son-in-Law’s Tallis Bag Made by my Daughter

Posted on: February 4, 2009

Attached is picture of the tallis bag my daughter made for her husband. It was supposed to be his wedding present, but she is quite happy that she finally was able to give it to him by his second b-day that she knows him!!

It is the monogram from their wedding (eagle= adler in german). It is made by piece-work with ultrasuede and embroidered with variegated and metallic coats & clark thread. The bag is brown velvet and lined with vinyl-like fabric.

Tallis Bag

Tallis Bag


2 Responses to "My Son-in-Law’s Tallis Bag Made by my Daughter"

It’s beautiful!!! What is it made out of?

As requested I edited the post. Thank you for the feedback.

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